The Phenotype Database is an application that can store any biological study. It contains templates which makes it possible to customize.

In order to allow flexibility to capture all information you require within a study, and to make it possible to compare studies or study data, the system uses customizable templates and ontologies. It is especially designed to store complex study designs including. Read more...

The Phenotype Database facilitates sharing of data within a research group or consortium, as the study owner can decide who can view or access the data. In addition, the Phenotype Database can stimulate collaborations by making study information and data publicly visible. New studies can be based on study data within the database, as standardized storage is stimulated by the system. Upon publication of the data, studies can be made publicly accessible (under these license terms).

Quick Start

Through the studies menu you can either create, view or import studies (or study data). 'Create a new study' will guide you through several steps to include your study into the system where question marks () will explain what information is required. You can (quick) save your study to complete it at another point in time, or use import study data to import large datasets (for example: many subjects) from an excel sheet into your study. Several data-types of different platforms (assays) can be linked to your study, like simple assays (e.g. clinical chemistry or Western blot) or metabolomics.

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